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With Kattlo you are able to use human readable notation to declare resources migrations and rules.

Table of contents

  1. Best Practices
  2. File Naming
  3. File Content

Best Practices

  • Always create a new migration file and never change an applied one
  • Create a directory for each resource that you want to manage
    • Kattlo is able to process many distinct resources migrations within same directory, but you get better organization following that practice

File Naming

All migrations are defined using physical files, and they must follow this naming pattern:

  • v[0-9]{4}_[\\w\\-]{0,246}\\.ya?ml


  • v0000_the-name-of-my-migration.yaml
  • where v0000 will be the version of resource migration, from 1 to n
  • when a new migration is created, increase the version

File Content

Every migration file must have exatcly one resource migration.

Never mix create, patch or remove in the same file or same operations for distinct resources.