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Run Kattlo natively in Linux, MacOS and Windows.

Table of contents

  1. Linux Binary
  2. Linux Packages
  3. MacOS
  4. Windows

Linux Binary

curl '' \
  -o 'kattlo'

sudo chmod +x kattlo
sudo mv kattlo /usr/local/sbin/kattlo

Linux Packages

The are .deb and .rpm packages available. Do a check in the latest release.


curl '' \
  -o 'kattlo'

sudo chmod +x kattlo
sudo mv kattlo /usr/local/bin/kattlo


  • download the latest release package for windows
  • unzip it
  • copy VCRUNTIME140.dll to C:\Windows\System32\
  • get the absolute path to that unzipped directory
  • add the absolute path of Kattlo to your PATH environment variable
  • open the prompt and type: kattlo -V