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Topic Migrations

Table of contents

  1. Migrations
    1. Create
    2. Patch
    3. Remove

This is the Kattlo’s way to manage topics lifecycle.



To create a topic:

operation: create # The operation over the resource
notes: |
  Write down whatever you want to describe this.
  This can be a multiline text . . .
topic: topic_name
partitions: 1 #partitions is optional
replicationFactor: 1 #replicationFactor is optional
config: #config is optional
  compression.type: gzip
  cleanup.policy  : compact
  # Any configuration available here:

Notes about create:

  • if you want cluster default values for partitions, replicationFactor and config, just suppress them.


To patch a topic:

operation: patch # The operation over the resource
notes: Patch partitions to 3 # Describe your patch . . .
topic: 02_create_patch_partitions # Topic that was created before
partitions: 3 #partitions is optional
replicationFactor: 2 #replicationFactor is optional
config: #config is optional -1
  # Any configuration available here:

  compresstion.type: $default # Patch to cluster default value

Notes about patch:

  • partitions can not be reduced
  • at least one of partitions, replicationFactor or config must be present in the migration file
  • use the keyword $default to patch config to cluster default value


To remove a topic:

operation: remove
notes: Descrive your motivation to remove this topic
topic: 05_create_and_remove # Topic to remove

Notes about remove:

  • remove will delete the entire topic data
  • all migrations history about the topic will be maintained